Cost effective high performance solutions to your advantage

By utilizing a combination of advanced technologies, distributed development techniques, and a high quality team, BitsOfCode provides the most cost effective software solutions. We provide you the advantage of cost, time, space and speed.
With our advanced technologies and development methodologies, businesses can:
  • Dramatically lower the cost of building software solutions.
  • Increase productivity in all areas that depend on information technology.
  • Rapidly deploy high performance scalable solutions.
Key to Success
Hiring the best consultants is the key to your success. You can count on our consultants being able to fill the needs right away.
Our team encompasses experts from a wide array of backgrounds - including Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Operations Research, Graphics, Arts, Multi-Media, Finance, Accounting, etc.
The breadth and depth of our team and careful attention to planning resources and building the right team, translates to successful solutions to our customers.
We can address a wide range of challenges in an enterprise including Data Acquisition, Data Processing, Data Analysis, Business Intelligence, Data Mining, Data Warehousing, Process Control Systems, Real-Time Systems, Simulation Systems, Hardware and Software Integration, Performance Improvement, Network Security, etc.
BitsOfCode offers you right solutions to take care of your specific needs. We use the right software tool for the right job with special attention to high-performance/high-volume transaction systems.
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